Exhibition Time!!!!

            We had a terrific and successful exhibition. Many, many people come through Kotoriya and the Brewery. Folks came from as far away as Tokyo and Maebashi. After opening night, we celebrated our 5 1/2 weeks of working hard and getting along well together under one roof. We had, of course, the usual fabulous fare of traditional Japanese cuisine and sake and beer.

              We are cleaning out our studios today. I took my last walk to my beautiful Kotoriya with a pang of sadness. I am looking forward to getting home, but I will leave a big chunk of my heart here in Onishi.
My friend Kazu gave me a two thumbs up!

Jeannie sitting by her piece behind a paper installation by Niek. She is an amazing cut paper artist from Hong Kong. See her work at jeanieho.com

One of our guest artist's work

Beautiful work by the late Japanese artist Chiaki Horikoshi. 

Marie presenting her work at the artists talk.

Handsome Organic Bean Farmer loves the texture of my paintings.

Very cool installation by Emilie and Charlotte.

Painting on acrylic plexi by Kjell Hahn, Shiro Oni Studio founder and director.

 I love this installation by Irene!!!!

Emilie and Charlotte performing at the opening.

Here is a quick video about my time in the residency!

"Not all those who wander are lost." J.R.R Tolkien


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